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You can taste the difference our quality makes

What we feed and why we feed it

Our full belief is that our animals should have a full nutritional diet that meets all their needs. We formulate our feeding rations using the expertice of our nutritionist. We finish both our beef and lamb using a flatted barley grain bought from the feed mill, our own harvested forage crops and brew-mash bought from the local brewery.  Our forage crops, which consist of hay, silage and pasture are grown to an age where the nutrient levels are at prime, and are removed quickly to ensure low-level nutrient loss from environmental exposure. By managing our forage crops intensely we reduce our reliance on supplemental feeds.

Our Fields are Green

We hold great respect and appreciation for the animals and soil we work with. In order to keep our animals healthy, we pay attention to their nutritional, emotional and environmental needs intensely to ensure a healthy life. To keep our soils healthy we complete the nutrient cycle by applying what our animals provide us on a daily basis to create structured soil and add nutrients. The basis of our animals health along with ours, is the health of our soils, so inturn we intently manage them to be an environmentally sustainable farm. We also implement other types of management practices, such as permaculture, that allow us to use our fields topography more effecitively. The end-in-mind goal we have is to be as self-sustaining as possible. 

Our Sheep

We value the genetic potential of an animals' ability, and so we are very selective about the breeds and pedigree lines we use to produce our lamb. The sheep breeds we are working with are Suffolk, East Friesian cross, and Dorset/Charolais crosses.

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