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Quality lamb and beef

Whole and half lamb orders are open. Our price is based on the hanging weight. Details below. 

Please note that our beef selection is small due to us building our small herd, so as of right now we have lean grass-fed ground and all beef sausages available. 

Whole/Half Lamb Orders
Price is based on hanging weight, includes cut and wrap fees, and delivery within 150km of Creston.
$9.00 / lb
Rack of Lamb
Frenched, typically weigh 1.5 - 2 lbs
$24.00 / lb
Leg of Lamb
Whole roast 6 - 7 lbs & half roast 3.5 - 4 lbs
$14.00 / lb
Spare Ribs
$9.00 / lb
Lamb Shanks
Typically weigh between 1-1.5 lbs with lots of meat.
$10.00 / lb
Lamb Chops
4 chops gives roughly 1 lb; pkgs of 2 or 4.
$16.00 / lb
Shoulder Roasts - Bone-in
Size 2 - 3.5 lbs and some at 4 lbs. A couple different cut styles for the bone-in shoulder are available. Blade roast, Picnic Roast and a Regular Lamb shoulder roast style are available.
$12.50 / lb
Shoulder Roasts - Boneless
3 - 4 lbs
$14.00 / lb
Lamb Stew
1 lb packages
$12.50 / lb
Ground Lamb
1 lb packages
$12.50 / lb
Soup Bones
$5.00 / lb
Lean Grass-Fed Ground Beef
Ground from beef that have been grazing of the fresh summer pastures. Full of flavour and ready for you table.
$10.00 / lb
Beef & Lamb blend
All Beef Breakfast Sausage
Nine 4" breakfast style sausages in each pkg. A tasteful addition to your morning eggs and toast or breakfast casserole.
$15.00 / lb
All Beef Dinner Sausages
Six 6" Dinner sausages made with Grass-fed Lean ground beef. Enjoy with some hot soup or add into a winter-warming casserole dish.
$15.00 / lb
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