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Quality lamb and beef

Whole and half lamb orders are open. Our price is based on the hanging weight. $9/lb with hanging weights ranging from 50-60lbs. Total price $450-$540. 

We have opennings for beef orders. We are harvesting five beef this fall and are selling 1/4's, 1/2's and wholes. They are $6/lb based on hanging weights. The hanging weights should be between 400-600lbs per whole beef. 

Whole beef price: $2400-3600 

1/2 beef price: $1200-$1800

1/4 beef price: $600-900

Note: All prices include cut and wrap prices and delivery within 150km of Creston. Prices may vary slightly depending on weight.

Whole/Half Lamb Orders
Price is based on hanging weight, includes cut and wrap fees, and delivery within 150km of Creston.
$9.00 / lb
Leg of Lamb Steaks
Enjoy a leg steak seasoned simply with salt and pepper, adding some mint jelly on the side, or BBQ it with rosemary, thyme, and garlic.
$15.00 / lb
Shoulder Chops
Marinated these are the most flavourful chops. BBQ or roast in them oven.
$13.50 / lb
Rack of Lamb
Frenched, typically weigh 1.5 - 2 lbs
$24.00 / lb
Leg of Lamb
Whole roast 6 - 7 lbs & half roast 3.5 - 4 lbs
$14.00 / lb
Spare Ribs
$9.00 / lb
Lamb Shanks
Typically weigh between 1-1.5 lbs with lots of meat.
$10.00 / lb
Lamb Chops
4 chops gives roughly 1 lb; pkgs of 2 or 4.
$16.00 / lb
Shoulder Roasts - Bone-in
Size 2 - 3.5 lbs and some at 4 lbs. A couple different cut styles for the bone-in shoulder are available. Blade roast, Picnic Roast and a Regular Lamb shoulder roast style are available.
$12.50 / lb
Lamb Stew
1 lb packages
$13.50 / lb
Ground Lamb
1 lb packages
$13.50 / lb
Soup Bones
$3.50 / lb
Ground Beef
Fed mostly hay and supplemented with barley grain, and brews mash. Full of flavour and ready for you table.
$10.00 / lb
Beef & Lamb blend
Traditionally seasoned Merguez sausage. 4 six inch sausages per package.
$16.50 / lb
Rosemary Bratwurst
Milder lamb sausage with rosemary flavour. Pan fry them up and at them to a hotdog bun with your ideal toppings. 4 six inch sausages per package.
$16.50 / lb
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